Thursday, August 11, 2011

Monkey on the Street

This freaked me out the first time I saw it.What is it?

A monkey with a cut out Barbie face.

Animal cruelty is what this is. SAD!!!! There is an organization that is trying to fight for these monkeys here. Hope they are making some headway!!

Not just another peculiar sign

Now this sign is on the way to the airport.

My guess is that they are trying to encourage people to not pee in the street or else a women might say, "hey, dont pipi on the street."

Bali, the 3rd time is STILL a charm

Living in Indonesia does have its perks even though sometimes it's hard living here. Bali is definitely within the Top 10.

What do you do in Bali?!?!?!


And some more of this!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Unlickiest Numbers

Every day I'm reminded of what numbers are considered unlucky in eastern and western cultures. How?!?! Take a look at the panel of numbers from my elevator. The numbers 4, 13, 14, 22, and 24 are missing.

 Why?!?!? The number 4, 14, 22, and 24 are unlucky in China. The way you say 4 in Chinese sounds like the word death. 22 made the list because 2 + 2 = 4. The number 13 is unlucky because of Friday the 13th.

So there you go! Dont use these numbers when playing the lottery.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Signs that get lost in Translation

Ok, let's try this blogging stuff again. I've realized that I do not keep up with blogging, but I will try it once again. So in an effort to get me motivated to blog, I will be posting favorite signs, posters, and paintings I see around Asia.

 This was an add to order food from an airline during the Chinese New Year.

 This one is a maxi-pad / tampon dispenser in a restroom in one of Jakarta's many malls. The suffix -licious should never be attached to any feminine/bathroom products.

 This add was plastered on a truck. I saw it as we were going through the toll both. Essentially this add is advertising maxi-pads. The creepy guy (who I'm guessing is Uncle Chin?!?!) is closing a gate to keep the young girls inside the school. Is it advertising anti-leakage protection? 

Did I miss something in history class? This to me is offensive but this is a painting that decorates one of our favorite restaurants in Jakarta.

At least they're honest: It says it in the title "Destroy Hair and Beauty Salon."

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Essay Contest for Indonesian Students!

Why does it have to be an American president? Why not "How has a prominent figure in Indonesia inspired you?"

Just questions...

The Key is Training NOT Straining!

"The key is training not straining.  If you want to get in shape fast, exercise longer, not harder. And that will help you stay committed to a consistent, regular exercise program."
                                                      - Rick Warren in The Purpose Driven Connection Daily Devotional

God has been impressing on my heart that maybe the key to healthy living is not following an intense, strict exercise regime as in the TV show Biggest Looser...

BUT a moderate exercise regime for the rest of your life: One that exercises consistency!

I mean don't get me wrong: I still want washboard abs and rock solid legs by tomorrow, but who has the 8 hours in a day to completely devote yourself to exercising. Plus, even if you do, how sustainable is that?!?!?!

Nowadays, I'm thinking that my physical body was made for consistency and not quantity. So, I've decided that my early mornings will begin with a trip to our apartment complex's gym.

To be honest, I'm tempted to find out the latest exercise regime by Bob and Jillian (the trainers of this TV show) and lock myself in the gym until I conquer it.

BUT we all know, I will only keep it up for a week (maybe 2) and then feel horrible that I dont have the stamina to continue.

So instead, I've committed myself to exercise everyday by doing moderate cardio for 30-60 minutes and lifting weights. Once, I've conquered this and have made it a consistent habit, I will venture into the fancy regimes espoused by those solidly famous trainers.

It's all about consistency NOT quantity!